segunda-feira, 8 de junho de 2009

Nothing much happening... as always.

Ive been in the field Saturday collecting additional specimens of a new species of termite belonging to a new genus. Unbelievable how our megadiversity in Brazil is mainly untouched by our scietists. They probably spend too much time checking emails and posting in blogs.

I will try to talk our specilialist and collaborator into describing that thing asap... "Too many in the line" she said. Ive got no pictures of the animals to post here... yet. Maybe later.

quinta-feira, 4 de junho de 2009

Great, but next time Ill be able to  upload the pic WITH my post, hopefully. Newbie newbie...

Isnt it cute? I wonder how I can insert watermarks on this image before some of my fraudster friends snatch them for mischievous ends... Photoshop will probably help.

OK Lets really get this thing going.

Alright, I must stop being such a slug and start posting some stuff as often as I can.

Right now I am working at break-neck speed on describing the larvae of my long-date friend, the wicked ensign wasp. What a great animal to work with, and nobody even cares. The larvae are the easiest ones I ever laid hands on; no special remarks, no intricate structures, no variation between specimens (theres actually not much to vary), no hairs, nothing much. And yet, so interesting-looking. I will try to post some picture of them.

See you tomorrow...