quarta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2009

Bits of new interesting information

While I type onto this thing, I keep remembering something Stephen J. Gould (Opus 100) said about how scientists feel so excited about having found or predicted something and not having anyone around to tell of it, for nobody else would care. "Oh, overlapping snail populations in this pond? HOW cockingly thrilling INDEED!"

Well anyway, we like the sensation and doing this job is worth it.

Back to my little ants, it seems that venom proteins of the (not very much) different fire ants are not very much different in the end! I will have a closer look into that, as I am being able to extract venom material enough for chromatographic analysis. 

And the inquilines of fire ant nests are apparently also rich in new species of Collembola... More interesting (collembola?? INDEED...) work to be done...

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