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New Link Page to My Papers

Links to my online curricula, where my papers and other published materials can be found:

Currículo Lattes
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My published papers can be downloaded from the updated web links given below:

Rapid configuration analysis of the solenopsins. Tetrahedron: Asymmetry, 2012

On the paper "On the morphology of the immature stages of Paratrechina longicornis (Formicidae: Formicinae)". Journal of Errology, 2012

Comparative Immature Morphology of Brazilian Fire Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Solenopsis). Psyche: A Journal of Entomology, v. 2012, p. 1-10, 2012.

The preimaginal stages of the ensign wasp Evania appendigaster (Hymenoptera, Evaniidae), a cockroach egg predator. Invertebrate Biology, 2012. 

On the morphology of the worker immatures of the leafcutter ant Atta sexdens Linnaeus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Microscopy Research and Technique, 2012.

The larval morphology and nest habits of Trypoxylon (Trypargilum) rogenhoferi Kohl 1884. Zootaxa (Auckland. Print), v. 3251, p. 47-56, 2012.

Intraspecific and Intracolonial Variation in the Profile of Venom Alkaloids and Cuticular Hydrocarbons of the Fire Ant Solenopsis saevissima Smith (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Psyche: A Journal of Entomology, v. 2012, p. 1-10, 2012. 

Compared morphology of the immatures of males of two urban ant species of Camponotus. Journal of Insect Science (Online), v. 2012, p. 1-15, 2012.

Description of the Immatures of the Ant, Myrmelachysta catharinae. Journal of Insect Science (Online), v. 11, p. 1-9, 2011. 

Morphological Notes on the Worker and Queen Larvae of the Thief Ant Solenopsis helena (Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Myrmicinae) from Brazil. The Florida Entomologist, v. 94, p. 909-915, 2011.

Effects of different temperatures on the life history of Evania appendigaster L. (Hymenoptera: Evaniidae), a solitary oothecal parasitoid of Periplaneta americana L. (Dictyoptera: Blattidae). Biological Control, v. 52, p. 104-109, 2010.

Morphological Description of the Immatures of the Ant Monomorium floricola. Journal of Insect Science (Online), v. 10, p. 1-17, 2010. 

General Morphology and Ultrastructure of the Venom Apparatus and Convoluted Gland of the Fire Ant, Solenopsis saevissima. Journal of Insect Science (Online), v. 10, p. 1-11, 2010. 

Description of the immatures of Linepithema humile Mayr (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Biological Research (Print), v. 43, p. 19-30, 2010. 

Morphological studies on the mature worker larvae of Paratrechina fulva (Hymenoptera, Formicidae). Sociobiology, v. 55, p. 1-11, 2010.

Description of the Larvae of Tapinoma melanocephalum (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). The Florida Entomologist, v. 93, p. 243-247, 2010. 

Description of the Immatures of Workers of the Ant Camponotus vittatus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). The Florida Entomologist, v. 93, p. 265-276, 2010.

Preliminary List of Microfungi Found in Paratrechina longicornis (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). The Florida Entomologist, v. 93, p. 651-653, 2010.

Description of the immatures of workers of the ant Linepithema micans Forel (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Microscopy Research and Technique (Print),  2010.

Immatures of Nesticodes rufipes (Aranea, Theridiidae) causing considerable damage to ant colonies in the laboratory. Sociobiology, v. 53, p. 71-77, 2009.

Description of the Immatures of the Workers of the Weaver Ant, Camponotus (senex) textor (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Sociobiology, v. 54, p. 541-559, 2009.

New Nicoletiidae (Zygentoma: Insecta) from Brazil Living in Fire Ant nests. Papéis Avulsos de Zoologia (USP.Museu de Zoologia. Impresso), v. 49, p. 467-475, 2009.

Notes on the Biology and Behaviour of the Jewel Wasp, Ampulex compressa (Fabricius, 1781) (Hymenoptera; Ampulicidae), in the Laboratory, Including First Record of Gregarious Reproduction. Entomological News, v. 120, p. 430-437, 2009. 

Thermal requirements for the embryonic development of Periplaneta americana (L.) (Dictyoptera: Blattidae) with potential application in mass-rearing of egg parasitoids. Biological Control, v. 47, p. 268-272, 2008.

On the immature stages of the crazy ant Paratrechina longicornis (Latreille 1802) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Zootaxa (Auckland), v. 1503, p. 1-11, 2007.

Biological characteristics of Evania appendigaster (L.) (Hymenoptera: Evaniidae) in different densities of Periplaneta americana (L.) oothecae (Blattodea: Blattidae). Biological Control, Inglaterra, v. 36, n. 2, p. 183-188, 2006.

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